Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1

Happy New Year!

I did well today.  It's 8:10 pm and I made it.  I am craving sugar but it's not too bad.  I didn't eat until mid day but when I did eat I had the "chocolate milk" veggie juice recipe (that was supposed to be breakfast) and a mix of fried spinach, mushrooms, and peppers with two hard boiled eggs.  Then later I cooked a whole wild caught sea bass... that was funny.  I had no idea how to cook it but it turned out fine.  And the cats enjoyed the leftover pieces of meat and skin that I didn't want.  So far no sugar...  I also took my probiotic and my candex.  I weighed in at 139... perhaps it was too much rich New Years Eve dinner last night...  anyhow, so far so good.

My Weight - 139 lbs.
Cost of organic foods and meat at grocery store - $54 
Cost of supplements (including one I bought for my kids) - $115 (renew life from Brenda Watson's website) - should last the whole 28 days
Caffiene - yes, tea
Sugar - No

Some of my juice recipes include kale and beets.  I'm having some trouble finding kale and beets at my local acme, however.  I'll head over to the Newark co-op and get some soon.  I think I might have only eaten kale once in my life... I think I did like it... 

My friend Nina does tell me that licorice root tea is supposed to get rid of sugar cravings.  Going to get that tomorrow for sure! 

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  1. 139 is not a bad starting weight. Look at in a postive way, you will likely get rid of that quickly have a more lbs lost to show at the end :)