Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5 - A bit tired...

Weighed in at 132 this morning
Sugar - no
Caffiene - no
breakfast - "chocolate milk" veggie juice
lunch - 3 egg omelet with goat cheese, tomato, collard greens, red pepper, and mushroom
snacks - a bowl of plain goat yogurt with flax seed and stevia in it
           - a glass of fresh organic carrot juice
dinner - ahi tuna steak with collard greens and other stir fried veggies

Feel tired today.  I don't feel ill or anything, just tired.  I'm a bit concerned that I'm just hungry!

Never had collard greens before.  I fried them in organic butter and garlic - they tasted great.  (course everything tastes twenty times better when you are hungry).  I don't feel weak or unable to function, just tired.  We'll see how much longer I can go with no sugar.  Five days is pretty great though!  My goal is 7 days but I also want to see some changes as a result (besides getting skinny) - the magical fix that I'd wish for is no more interstitial cystitis symptoms and no more acne or sinus pressure.  :)  A girl can dream.  I do think that my allergies are improved but it's not night and day.  I'm giving it the 7 days at least, though, and then from there I can see if I need to try for longer or not.  If I add in my "treats" after that they are:

small amount of dark chocolate (over 66%)
occasional red wine
yams and sweet potatoes (according to Natalie Rose, women should get most of their starch calories from winter squashes and yams / sweet potatoes.)

I can do without the red wine but the berries - YEAH BERRIES - that I want.

Okay, all I have to say for today.   Don't worry about my "huge" weight loss.  I weighed myself in the morning today and in the evening on Saturday so it's not as much as it seems.  :)


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