Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 29 - The end is here!

Weight - 130 lbs.

Well...  I'm "done".  I guess that means the wild feast I had last night was okay.  :)  I went out and enjoyed a dinner at Catherine Dooney's.  Shephard's pie, bread pudding, sweet potato fries, glass of wine... etc.  It was good but did not agree with me well at night - stomach was all sorts of mad at me for eating all that alien food including red meat, fried items and sweets.  Dang.  Am I spoiled now for all time from eating rich food?  Don't know yet. 

Estimates of expense:

January 2011 food costs:
Natural foods from December 31 - January 24th = $532.21 in organic food costs

Supplements - 115.16 (not a great estimate cause it included a supplement for my kids and two supplements I did not use yet.  A better estimate of the actual cost of probiotic and candex would be $50)

Additional grocery trips at non organic stores = $376.56
Total grocery cost for family of three = $908.77

The reason I grouped the food together is that I shared some of my food with my kids and in some cases was able to buy foods that were organic at regular grocery stores so it was hard to split up the bill.  So it's a better estimate to say that the month I went totally organic my family of 3 spent $908.77 on groceries.  I should also mention I went to the grocery store 14 times this month.  :)

Now I will check what a non detox month's costs are - I'll use December.

December 2010
Organic = 138.06
Non-organic = 374.98
Total = 513.04

Went to the grocery store 7 times in that month.  I guess I'd need more data to be sure and also to look at how much I ate out.  I did eat out twice in January - both at Main Squeeze and I think it cost $15 each time for my organic lunch.  :)  In general it looks like it cost me about $400 to $450 in one month to detox.  I probably ate out quite a bit less, however.  So in the end it might not have been as bad as it seems.  If I get motivated here in the next couple days I'll do some more careful number crunching on that figure.  :)

Weight lost - 9 lbs.

My skin looks better than it's looked in ages. 
I feel healthier. 
I am off my nasal spray even though I actually have a cold right now - seems to be doing better.  Not so much swelling as is typical.
I do enjoy stevia artificial sweetener and will use it until I find out it causes cancer.  :)
Have not dropped caffeine from my diet.  Wish I had, but I just haven't.  Caffeine = me happy :)

Well, that's what I have for now.  I plan to detox again in June and I'll do financial compare again at the time.  I have the supplements I plan to use for that one in my cabinet and I plan to do something slightly different - might not do no carbs but instead low carbs and non-processes carbs. 

I've had requests to keep writing my blog from some friends.  THANKS SO MUCH!  It means a bunch to me that you read it.  I will keep writing.  Next challenge - detox the little Sweeneys.  OMG - is it even possible?  Is it?  I don't know.  I mean, they are really tough cookies to feed.  We shall see!

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