Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2 - Challenges and Interesting discoveries

My weight - 136 (my clothes were probably just heavier yesterday)

So far I'm not hungry or anything.  But my kids come back from dad's house tomorrow so the comfort eating cravings are likely to hit me then.  My observations so far:

1.  OMG where do you put all the supplements?  I mean, mine just don’t fit in the cabinet I'm using.  I know it sounds like I only have probiotics and candex but the truth is I also have candigone to use after the candex is done and I bought some other things too.  I got all interested in vitamins through this process and so I bought a cleanse by renew health - first cleanse 15 days - but haven't started using it.  Also, I bought some Ca / D supplements and a probiotic for kids.   Anyhow, it's hard to fit it in my cupboards so I better use it up just so I can get some space back.  And that list didn't include all the herbal teas I'm trying.  That's my next discovery.

2.  Skin Detox tea is delicious and I think it almost started working right away... or that could be my imagination.  I'll keep you posted.  So is Egyptian Licorice - doesn't taste anything like black licorice.   

3.  Going to the grocery store right now brings on carb cravings.  God, the grocery store was all looking really tasty... especially in the cereal and bread areas of the store... yummy...  

4.  Kale... well, who knew that it was a popular health food product.  It's been sold out of both grocery stores I've been to and when I asked at the last one they told me that it was there in the morning but they sold out!   Apparently, and who expected this, I'm not the only one trying to eat healthy starting January 1st. 

5.  Goat's yogurt costs $8 and organic butter is $7.50.  Just warning you.

Alrighty, well that's not all my amazing discoveries of the day, but enough for now.  :)  What did I eat today:

Morning: lettuce / carrot juice blend
Lunch: three egg omelet with goat cheese and tomatoes (all organic)
Dinner: half a baked acorn squash, half an avocado on a salad, and a bit of grilled chicken really intended for a soup I'm making for tomorrow.
Caffeine:  Yes
Sugar: No
Probiotic in midmorning / candex in the night
Lots of cups of herbal tea - all yogi brand
I am a bit concerned that I'm not going to the bathroom as much as I should.  Sorry to be indelicate but Natalie Rose indicated a minimum of 3 bowl movements a day on the detox.  So... I'm going to have a big glass of water now and hope for the best.

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  1. Well done on a good start! I've started my detox today too. It's a bit different from yours, but it's nice to have someone to keep me company. Hope you liked the licorice root tea. I love it myself!

    *Trying not to think about cookies...*

    X, Nina
    Oh, apparently I'm SeverineSnape here. Well, you know it's me :)