Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16 - My Health Improvements So Far

weight - 130 lbs.
Food - carrot juice and much of the same stuff as before.  I did have salmon with my dinner tonight but it was wild caught and I've been told it isn't as good - and they are right, it isn't.  I wonder why...  anyway, it was fishy tasting to me but I ate it anyway.
caffeine - yes
sugar - no

Just wanted to take a quick moment to write about my health improvements so far.  I am starting to feel very energetic and thin.  It feels light.  I have also stopped needed my sinus spray and my allergies have nearly vanished.  I still have to clear my nose every now and then but I really feel significantly better on the allergies.  I have not felt this good in about three years when it comes to my sinuses.  Otherwise, I'm still hoping my acne will completely vanish but it is much better than it was.  I am feeling like I've got the candida yeast busted but I'm nervous about being wrong and adding in any sugar at all.  I did have some really cool whole grain rice yesterday and a dish made with red wine (cooked).  I'm going to shoot for not sugar until the 21st and then I am planning to allow myself berries and dark chocolate!  Woot!  I have wanted some dark chocolate but have managed to resist - by some miracle that I'm not sure what the source is...   Finsihed the candex supplement today and have decided not to start the candigone up right away.  All the warnings of use on the package have me a bit nervous.  I might change my mind tomorrow afternoon and give it a shot cause you have to take it on low sugar and I'm not sure I want to do this diet again any time soon once I'm done...  if you know what I mean!  Or I might wait until June and do a second detox then... haven't decided. 

Coming soon:  An estimate of the financial cost of the detox so far. 

Enough for tonight!  Off to bed! 

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