Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 15 - Gratitude

weight - 130 lbs.
caffiene - Thursday (yes), Friday (no), today (yes)
sugar - no, no, no (unless you count dreaming about eating sugar...)

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of those who have been reading my blog and supporting me.  I've been busy the past two days and so had no time to post.  Now my courses have started back up again at the college so time is tight.  I have stuck with the diet through a tough three days, however.  I don't know why, but I just wanted to eat chocolate in the worst way possible these past three days.  In fact, I dreamt about three nights ago that I was walking around with an ice cream cone in my hands for a huge amount of dream world time and didn't eat it and it melted down to just above the cone and then I said, "What the heck!" and took a big bite and thought... this is the best ice cream ever!  It was mint chip - fyi.  Anyway, it's probably hormones making me want the chocolate...  WANT WANT WANT... but I'm hanging in there.  I've been eating much the same things the past few days as I've reported earlier.  I did cook something neat today, I'll enter the recipe in a bit and I also tried a new juice and I'll enter that as well.  Anyhow, back to gratitude.  Thank you, Mike Detwiler, for lending me your juicer.  Without that, I would never have been able to do this detox!  Much, much appreciation there.   I learned today, from Mike, that if I strain the veggie juice in the metal strainer after I juice it, it has a  much smoother feel and is more pleasant if you don't like fibrous pieces in your juice.  Also, I'd like to thank the many folks who have told me that they knew I could do it!  Thank you so much for believing in me, cause as I said, I didn't think I'd make it 12 hours.  I also want to thank people who have come to me with words of experience regarding their own detoxes.  I learned that emotions can run high during a detox as you, supposedly, "bring up more than just the toxins of a physical form" in your body.  That might be part of my trouble this week - whew - I've been emotional and sensitive.  Very sensitive.  Lots of tears coming out this weak, truth be told.  So again - Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support - all of you!

Alrighty, well, recipes: 

Erin's Coq Au Vin

1 bottle red wine (I only used about 3/4's of one because it was sealed on my counter but I wasn't allowed to drink it for the detox)
1 32 oz box of organic broth of some kind
1 pack boneless skinless organic chicken thighs
2 tablespoons flour
5 medium parsnips
5 medium carrots
1/2 of a red onion
lots of mushrooms, as many kinds as possible including  dried mushrooms - be creative and have fun!
Organic butter

So...  you want to cook the meat and veggies before you stick it in a big pot with the wine and broth.   You want to get it nice and brown.  I browned the thighs in butter in a iron skillet.  The wine and broth was in the pot heating at the time.  I also mixed the flour wiht warm water or other liquid (such as from the pot) and then added it to the pot once it was smoothly blended so it didn't clump.  After browing the chicken and throwing it in the pot I proceeded to brown the veggies in stages.  With coq au vin you can really let them get dark and it won't hurt the soup at all in the end.  I just brown them right on top of what ever residue is left from the previous batch and added butter as needed.  I don't really consider the is a diet food, per se, but it is definitely rich in nutrients.  This particular detox does allow the occasional glass of wine (though I have not had any alcohol on it, it isn't really breaking the rules even though wine does have a bunch of sugar in it).   I then let it simmer in the pot of hot wine for a good long time (like 2 - 3 hours) and then just let it sit.  It's actually a bit better on day two if you cook it the night before.  It also freezes well.  Traditionally it would be served with bread, but for me, I'm going to try quinoa and maybe a whole grain rice (though officially I'm not supposed to have rice so I haven't decided yet :) )  Anyhow, that's the crux of the recipe - very very easy and very gourmet.  If you do use dried mushrooms you can sort of break or cut them up as you add them and cook it until the soften fully.  

Oxygenator Juice (I had this today)

1 beet
1 lb. carrots
1 inch ginger
1/4 teaspoon ceyanne pepper

Dang, this was ZIPPY.  It really was good.  Supposed to increase circulation and I also thought it opened my airways.

I hear tell that I smell like beets.  Yep, I'm not trying to be funny.  I can actually smell that my own skin smells different even to myself.  As in, I think I have a sort of veggie aroma - onions, garlic, parsley - kind of thing. Don't really notice the beets but I'm sure it's there.  Anyway, I guess it's the price you pay for eatiing veggies - "You are what you eat" afterall.  So far I haven't started to look orange ...  that I've noticed... hmm.   Or beet red...

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