Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7 - Lots of distractions!

Weight - 135 lbs.
sugar - nope
caffiene - yep
meals - I think I ate too much today actually.  I had salad and juice at lunch time, then black bean soup with goat cheese on top around 4:30 pm, then I had a 2 egg omelet with veggies around 9 pm.  I do not feel even slightly hungry but I do still crave the sugar.  My son's old piece of vanilla cake sitting out on my counter for the past three days has been calling my name...  "EEEERRRRIIIINNNN."  Anyway, I think I'll just throw it out.  When he came down with a stomach bug he lost all interest in it and also in the morning donut I was going to get him this morning.  A clear sign your child is sick when they don't want a donut.  :)

I had breakfast and lunch at The Main Squeeze juice bar in Newark.  They have organic foods and options on their menu that match my diet.  They sell two veggie juices.  They also sell salads that work with what I'm currently eating.  I enjoyed lunch with my new friend Zing Rafzinger.  She kindly read my whole blog today and even sent me really great comments, though she wasn't able to post.  I think you might need a google ID and be signed in to post.  I will check my settings to see if I can change them to make posting easier.  I never even went through my profile options yet.  Here are her excellent comments:

My comment for Jan 4th's post:

The foods you are eating sound so yummy that I salivate while reading your blog! Eating things that are easily digested tends to keep me from feeling full. Since it's fats that make a body feel full, I found that it was the touch of butter I added to dishes that kept me from feeling hungry. And it added flavor, too.

As far as I know, the stomach produces the right environment to neutralize what's coming in. So when we eat alkaline things, the stomach neutralizes it by producing acidic digestive enzymes, which is hard on the immune system. When we eat acidic things, the stomach produces alkaline digestive enzymes, which is supportive of the immune system. 

Prune juice is my laxative of like a charm.

My comment for Jan 3rd's post:

I find it interesting that when my body needs detoxing, the detox teas taste marvelous and I can drink them easily. When my body has had enough, the teas taste horrible, and I can't drink them without retching.

The sugar craving will go away. Three weeks on a no-sugar diet will do it, as the body rebalances itself. Then be prepared to allow yourself a new "normal" of NOT craving sugar. And don't force yourself to eat it when your body no longer wants it!

I find that a buffered Vitamin C is a miracle booster to my immune system. And I find that my body simply will not tolerate Calcium in any pill form. My body doesn't like milk either, and only tolerates cheese and ice cream. I believe I get all the calcium I need from almonds.

My comment for Dec 31st's post:

If veterinarians for years have been using dietary change as the main ingredient in restoring animal health, I wonder what it is about humans that makes them resist dietary change so much? A very large woman once asked me if I knew of a good diet pill she could take. I told her that people who avoid sugar and dairy find that excess weight melts off their bodies. She replied that she loves sugary sweets, so all she is looking for is a good diet pill...

Love to you from Zing

Zing reminded me of my acid / alkaline question and so did my friend Stacey.  I did some brief internet serarching and found one blog that discusses alkaline versus acid foods in a way that I can work with.  So, basically, I don't think this author is a native English speaker but the content seems plausably accurate.  I will continue to ponder it:

How to classify alkaline/acid foods?
To classify an acidic food, we have to remember that any food that increases the acidity of our urine after the consumption is classified as acid forming food. Vice versa if the food we consume increases the alkalinity of the urine, and then it is classified as alkaline forming food. One thing that needs a clarification is that the effect of certain foods in urine does not have to do with the pH level of the food itself. Like for example, lemon is considered a highly acidic food base on its citrus acid content. Nevertheless, after being metabolized, lemon will become alkaline. So, lemon is considered as highly alkaline food on the contrary to its nature.
You may want to ask what are considered acid forming foods, here are the list for your reference: corn, most grains, fish, meat organ meats such as organ, eggs, gravy, processed foods, wine, yogurt with active cultures, buttermilk, sour cream, fermented foods, aged cheese, vitamin B complex, hydrochloric acid supplements, and soft water, coffee, plums, prunes, and cranberries.

On the other hand, alkaline forming foods are as follows: fruits not mentioned above such bananas, lemons, and watermelon, dandelion greens, figs, barley, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, cucumber, kale, parsley, sea vegetables and grasses such as wheatgrass.
Prior to this new diet I think I was definitely eating many more of the acid foods than the alkaline foods.  I am trying to un-acidify myself and I'm still gravitating somewhat to those acid foods - eggs, fish, yogurt (yum - even plain yogurt tastes good these days).  I'm even concerned that my allergy pills and my vitamins might make me acidic.  And my water here is very soft.  SO...  I guess I just have to hang in there without the sugar and eat more kale and cucumber! 

Today was very busy and tomorrow is likely to be the same due to family responsibilities.  I will post as much as I can.  :)  Have a great night!

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