Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 1 of detoxing the kids

Detoxing the kids went really well this first two days.  So I realized that I can't get them to go sugar free for even a day since it's honestly, honestly, almost the only thing they eat.  So... the first week will be fruit.  I figure fruit is easy to sell my kids on compared to veggies so I'll start easy and work them up - like getting a dolphin to jump through a hoop.  You start with the hoop below the water.  Then you slowly raise it until the animal (um, child) is leaping out of the water, flying through the air, and going through the hoop.

This week, I have said that they will eat one serving of fruit before they can have the rest of their dinner.  Yesterday it was grapes.  Today it was apple.  All week I will do the same with fruits until Sunday at which time I am going to do veggies for one week.  I will demand they finish the serving before they can have their carbohydrate rich favorite foods.  :)  Then on week three I will add both fruit and veggies to the requirements.  I discussed this with the kids in advance and so far they have been doing it and they agreed to the deal.  By week four I expect them to be eating a serving of fruit and veggies at dinner before they eat their carbs every night.  After I achieve that, I will see what I can do next.  :)  I'll keep you posted on their reactions and my progress.

Cheers for now! 

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