Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dieting for 2013 - 2 Years Later

First, I can hardly believe it's been 2 years since I last wrote in this blog.  I found it helpful to do the 28 day detox but I gained back every bit of the 10 pounds I lost detoxing.  Sigh.  So now I'd like to try a more sustainable approach.  I'm writing here hoping that folks will read my posts and keep me on task.  I'd like to invite others to participate.  I think I'll start tomorrow. 

No more sweets for awhile is my first step.  The second one is that I plan to try these "nutribullet" smoothies I've been hearing about in infomercials.  I plan to do 2 smoothies a day plus a "sensible" dinner (whatever that means). 

If nothing else, reading here should give you some interesting recipe ideas and amuse you with the strange things that I eat.  Please post here and try to help me keep up my morale and resolve.  If you like my blog or are interested in yoga, you should also check out my website and yoga blog at and

So anyway, just to wrap up this blog post...  I'm going on a diet and I'm also going to do some other things as my new years resolution.  The other things include preparing for a 1 week yoga retreat in Mexico the first week of February.  Eek. It's a hand stand retreat so I have to be strong.  I'll post here what I'm doing as that unfolds.  Today I took an inversions yoga class with Christine.  She worked us hard.  I got into a few poses I've never succeeded on today with her help.  :) 

Also Today - January 2nd - I ate like "crap"
I had a bowl of crackle and oat bran and a cup of coffee for breakfast.
I then ate a few handfuls of walnuts and some medjool dates.
Noontime Yoga class
Lunch - After this I went to Wendy's where I got a chicken mozerella sandwich, a bag of fries, and a frosty - sized small.  I didn't finish the fries but the frosty didn't last long...
For dinner -  I ate a home made beef soft taco with peppers / onions / and cheese in it and I had some carrots and strawberries with a hot chocolate (told you I ate like crap).
When I got home from my second yoga class of the day I had a bowl of plain cheerios with blueberries in them.
Alright... well, at least you know the baseline. The only thing I did right was NOT eat the rest of my son's Christmas chocolate bar containing raspberry filling that he doesn't like anyway...  (my excuse for eating it). 

I hope to improve tomorrow... truly I don't even feel good when I eat this crappy.  I'm also afraid to weight myself but I will report on that in the morning.

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  1. Since I got the update on the phone, I know you did better yesterday... so keep on the progress. You had a good day yesterday and can have a good one today. Remember to DRINK WATER. Just say I am not hungry I am just thirsty ... well till you pass out or float way :)