Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 2 - Jan 4

Wow, is it really January 4th - Liberty Yoga has been open for just 1 month!

Anyway, here goes:

Weight:  143.5 lbs

I didn't feel hungry yesterday with the smoothy diet.  I really felt just fine.  Honestly, eating less sweets makes me want it less anyhow - as long as I can stick to it.

What I ate today:

Smoothy 1

cherries on top

50% spinach
1 banana
1 cup pitted cherries
10 walnut halves
water to fill line

Smoothy 2

Made this one up:
1 avacado
50% kale
1 banana
10 walnut halves
4 slices of apple
almond milk

A few comments on the smoothies:

1.  They are a really ugly color and this seems to matter to me.  So... I made up a smoothy today that was a lovely light green.  I intentionally didn't put anything blue or red in it.  Mixing green with blue or red appears to make a disgusting mud color - obviously.  Tomorrow I plan to start making one blue/red smoothie and one green smoothie every day. 

2.  Why are there two ways to spell smoothie?  Sigh.

3.  I find the smoothies are too thick if I use frozen ingredients with almond milk - and even just almond milk.  Tomorrow I plan to add more water to them and if I use almond milk maybe just mix it with water.  I think I'd enjoy them more if they were slightly thinner - I'm sure this is a matter of taste but I don't want to have to spoon it into my mouth.

4.  Regarding taste, they do taste good and that cherry on top one was delicious.  Ugly, but delicious. 

Okay that's about it for now. 

Oh!  Exercise - so I have been doing a lot of that...

I taught 3 yoga classes yesterday but only one of them was strenuous.  I didn't take any.  I taught two today and neither were particularly strenuous - I'm glad, honestly, cause I'm a bit physically tired.  I plan to take one tomorrow morning with Christine at 8:30 am - that should be a good workout.  I'm also looking into a cheap gym membership so I can try to add cycling 30 minutes - 4 times per week.  It really helps my hips to feel great so I ought to stick with it.  It goes with the yoga really well!  I might be okay with just 2 times a week of that.  I'll have to experiment. 

So far I haven't cheated today.  I plan to cook pizza for dinner tonight and chicken nuggets for the kids.  I think I'll make a salad for myself and maybe eat 1 slice of pizza with that.  No desert.  I hope this works... 

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