Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 3 - Jan 5

Well, today went well.  I'm proud that I've stuck to my diet for three days.  I know that sounds like a minor accomplishment but I still feel good about it.

Weight - 143 lbs - this morning before food

Smoothie 1

Beet Blast - detox smoothie
50% spinach
1 beet cut up
1/2 a lemon

I added the stevia because it was just too sour for me. I will say this: Nothing seems to detox me like raw beet.  I'm so serious about this. It really makes me feel different and in a good way.  Lemon also seems to have a very good effect so overall this smoothie was a really big success and I intend to repeat it tomorrow morning as well.

Note:  try scrubbing (or even scraping with a potato peeler) the beet.  This is because there was a "lovely" froth of dirt in this smoothie that went away after the first few swallows but would be better avoided in future.  I know it came from the raw beet - I clearly should try harder tomorrow on that front - yuk.

Smoothie 2

(recall that I'm after one red and one green smoothie)
50% kale
1 avacado
apple (what was left over from this morning)
almond milk

This was tasty and a lovely color.  :)
I also ate two hard boiled eggs - I was going to do just the egg whites but the yolks looked too delicious to pass up.  I just couldn't resist.  The smoothies are very filling and so far I've been lasting between meals with only a few hand fulls of nuts or some fruit and veggies.

chicken thigh
1 tortilla heated in a pan
palak paneer
Jasmine rice

I forgot to mention that every day I drink 1 glass of emergenC - I do this because it truly helps me to stay healthy. I feel much less sinus inflamation (which I'm prone to) on a daily dose of EmergenC - I haven't had a sinus infection since I started using it over a year ago and I usually get them regularly so that's a big deal for me.  I buy it at costco so the price isn't so bad - although I really prefer the raspberry flavor and wish it came in packs of just that flavor at costco.

I drank 2 cups of delicious coffee today.  I love coffee.  I guess I probably drink too much caffeine.  I've read that 1 cup a day is more healthy for the brain but, as I say, I love my coffee.  I've been using lowfat creamer and stevia in my coffee.  I've had some green tea and it's so tasty it doesn't need sweetener.  It's the TAZO brand green tea.. yum.

A few other thoughts I had today.

For a diet to work, you have to feel hungry.  Not really horribly hungry.  Not sick or weak.  But at the end of your long day you have to feel like you wish you could have a big desert but you just decide not to.  That mild hunger is your body crying out for the callories you need to NOT eat.  Drink a big glass of water and ignore this.  Or maybe have a tiny little something to try to trick your tummy - carrot sticks, a date, grapes, a few walnuts or almonds.  Trust me, you won't starve if you are eating three sensible meals per day.

This diet makes me feel great.  I have more energy and I love the taste of it.  I also like that I know it's nutritious.  I don't think I'm eating so little that I will lose weight too fast but we'll have to see how it goes this first week. I know if I lose too fast it won't be sustainable.  So we shall see.

Sorry about my poor writing here.  I just don't have time to work on this much.  I'd add pictures and make my sentences actually real sentences if I wasn't so busy...  Maybe I'll improve things next week if things settle down some.  I have some really pressing work things going on.

Make sure to check out: - my business website.  :)  That's what keeps me from being a much more fascinating blogger on this site.

Also, today I took 1 yoga class - really great workout with Christine Polecaro and then I taught a class.  That was fun.  We had full rooms for both - 18 people in my 10 am class. Go us!

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