Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 23 - A lot has happened...

Weight - 130 lbs.

So... I celebrated day 21 with some cheating on my diet.  Sigh.  I made it 21 days without sugar so I decided to have a bit of organic dark chocolate after lunch and then I ate the pizza with my son during movie night. 

Then on Saturday I has a lovely juice of 3 leaves kale, 1 head romaine, and 1 lb carrots and a salad for lunch but I finished the day sort of badly with an oatmeal cookie after lunch and then a dinner that I also served my kids of: organic chicken thighs and celery with peanut butter on it.  Finally, today I don't think I did too great on my diet at all... lets see, the juice went fine this morning but then I ended up eating chocolate again after dinner tonight.  For lunch I had a stir fry of spinach, mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes with goat cheese and for dinner I had squash.  Yeah, just squash. So why do I feel like I'm cheating so badly... hmm.  I'm honestly not sure but it feels like I fell off the wagon. 

Okay, I'll see if tomorrow can go better.  I guess I am cheating a bit - chocolate, some nuts and peanut butter... that one cookie (yum).  Hmm...  oh, I also had coffee - no sugar though.  Oh, I also had some organic bacon on Saturday and one totally NOT organic pancake that I couldn't bring myself to throw out.  It was small... sigh, I really am cheating.  I got to day 21, lost 9 lbs, and just lost my steam.  I will try harder starting now... next week I'll log what I eat every day so I can't cheat.  I find that just allowing myself the chocolate she says is okay really doesn't work for me.  I can't just have one square of organic chocolate... sorry, forget it.  I have to eat like half the bar and stick some peanut butter on it to make it extra special.  Oh, I also added in berries - yum!  I've had blackberries and strawberries - and they weren't organic - sigh.  I will go to the store tomorrow morning and fix this little weekend off by getting back on the wagon.  :)


I am beginning to serve my kids veggies with every meal.  So far they haven't really eaten much but they are trying them.  I will keep on it.  Remember, next month is my attempt to "fix" what they eat.  I do feel like they are making some progress.  At least they are trying things. 


Thanks to those still reading my blog.  I guess I'd sum up the diet I've been on as a diet that gives the primary source of carbs and sugars from organic vegetables and allows protein from organic meats and dairy from goats.  And nothing else... hahahahaha.  Seriously, though.  Okay... off for now.  Sorry I haven't been entering things in.  I think I've felt guilty, honestly.

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