Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19 - Redefine how you see yourself!

weight - 130 lbs
caffeine - yep
sugar - some blueberries
breakfast - straight carrot juice
lunch - salad of greens, tomato, avacado, cucumber and then yogurt with blueberries, flax seed and stevia (delish)

I think the trick (for a psychologically healthy person) to succeeding in a life change of this kind is to redifine how you describe yourself to yourself.  As Neil Meisel the co-owner of the Newark Awareness Center says:  "We all have stories we tell ourselves."  I think those stories are kind of like how we define who we are - how we know where we stand with ourself.   I think that redefining your stories is essential in life.  You are not unchanging - you are growing and learning and becoming new all the time.  So, your stories must do the same.  So my thought is that what I've done here is to redefine myself as a healthy eater from my previous state of eating whatever I felt like at the time.   Before this, I was really enjoying a high sugar diet but feeling sort of sick in many ways.  If I decide to embrace a high vegetable diet and release my sugar addiction, I can redefine myself as a healthy eater and feel better and healthier.  

It's important too for me to acknowledge my own superficiality in this.  So, while I give lip service to being healthy, how I look was certainly a huge motivator to sticking to the program.  I wanted to look thinner and have prettier skin.  :)  That's just vanity, my God!  But it sure was motivating.   In my proffesion it is helpful to look healthy - since I'd like to attract people to join me on a healthy journey through life by attending my yoga classes.  I also really did want to see if the allergies could be fought off with this change.  I have experienced improvements and I will stick with things to see if they continue to improve.  :) 

I'll keep you posted!  For dinner tonight I plan to eat an omelet.  I also plan to cook in the oven a squash and some sweet potatoes and make some boiled carrots.  There is a recipe for potato / carrot soup I want to try and also see if my kids will eat it!  We shall see!  I've found that preparing foods in advance like this saves me time and keeps me on track on the busy days when I dont' have time.  Such as tomorrow through Saturday when it's likely to be REALLY crazy in my life due to my work schedule!

If you are still reading my blog, thanks so much!  I am:

19 days Chocolate FREEEEEEEE!   (a modern miracle)

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