Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 18 - Final Week Blues

Well, I found myself feeling guilty this week for my eating and so I'm going to catalogue here and see how badly I fell off the wagon.

On Monday I had juice in the morning and followed the diet.  Then at lunch I saw these fabulous blueberries.  I ended up buying them because they looked too good to pass up.  And they were good!  Anyhow, I decided that any diet that doesn't allow blueberries can't possibly be okay!  Excuses, excuses, I know.  But I made it to day 17 - MLK day - and had a treat.  Blueberries.  That same day I ate some whole grain rice with a stir fry and I had some cashoes as well.  So those were my infractions.  I still ate a crazy amount of vegetables in that one day, however.  Dinner was a stir fry of Zuchini, tomatoes, mushrooms and wild rice and then I put a bit of goat cheese on top. I also had half of sweet potato and fish.  I've been combining flesh with starch for about four days now.  You might recall that the book I'm following - Natalie Rose's Detox 4 Women - does not allow starch and flesh mixed.   Her reason is that it slows down transit time through your intestines.  All I can say is that since I started combining the two I have been much more regular and now things are moving along just like she wants.  So perhaps she's wrong about that for some people - I really don't know - but I certainly prefer my meals that way and so I've gone back to doing that and I feel much more full and bathroom time is what she suggested it ought to be.  :)

On Tuesday I ate my juice in the morning then had a salad with salmon at lunch and finished the day with a bunch of veggies (cucumber, tomato, goat cheese, sweet potato, avacado, egg) and then I followed that with some of that buckwheat pasta with sauce on it.  I have to admit that the buckwheat pasta is just gross.  I'm sorry but I really think it is.  I ate it, don't get me wrong, but it's a bit slimy and I don't care for the flavor at all.  I tried putting oil, salt and pepper, sauce, and then some cheese but it ended up seeming like I was eating slop and there is just no way to avoid that.  I will try one of her buckwheat recipes in the next week - maybe a soup is what you have to cook it in for it to taste good.

I'm still hovering at 130 lbs.   As you recall my goal was 128.  I'm over a week away from the end of the detox.  I am now going to the bathroom the way the books describe I should be and my skin is looking acne free (or virtually acne free).  I do feel energetic and my sinuses do feel clear.  The detox seems to make me thirsty.  :) 

things I've learned:

Alkaline foods according to the detox guidelines do seem to help balance my digestion (lemon, cucumber, other veggies).  I do not have any cystitus (painful bladder syndrome) pain at all.  The one night I had coq au vin, I did have some discomfort in digestion.  I've avoided that since then.

I like dairy products (yep, I really do). I did not give up on the dairy to the extent the diet recommended. I found myself really wanting goat's yogurt or cheese and eating it.  I ate plain goat yogurt as dessert and I would put stevia and flax seed in it.  It tasted very nice.  I started adding blueberries this week (A real thrill).  I do not know if the detox I've been on has enough calcium for a healthy diet.  I have been happy to add it on my own by instinct and don't seem to have experienced ill effects.  I recommend picking low-fat or fat free dairy products and going organic and to the goat direction if possible. I'm not positive that there is a big difference betwee organic cow's products or goat products in my digestion - doesn't seem to bother my belly at all to have cow products (some people are more sensitive and might have trouble with them).  I don't appear to.

My joint pain is gone.  Just thought I'd add that in.  Forgot to mention it before. 

I still have effects from my female hormones this month.  Dr's say that avoiding fatty foods, caffiene, and salt is supposed to improve that.  I do think that I had less obvious bloating this month but otherwise I still had fluid retention, tissue inflamation (sinuses and skin) and mood related issues.  I am curious if continuing on a diet like this would relieve that stuff over time and one month isn't enough.  I just dont' know.  I will say that I suspect it would not and that as my well meaning dentist mentioned at the start of my detox - stress and hormones have at least as much impact on health as diet.  :) 

Okay, I'm off to the next entry.  That one will be about redefining how you see yourself!

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