Friday, December 31, 2010

The Eve of the Start

Yesterday I made it to dinner with no sugar.  At dinner I went ahead and ate major carbos in the form of a delicious turkey manicotti and then a desert of fruity ice cream.  But the good news is that I think I could have made it all day eating the things on the diet.  So far today, I practiced with the juicer and made myself "chocolate milk" which is a mix of 1 pound organic carots wtih 1 head organic romaine lettuce.  It looked disgusting (it does look like chocolate milke, disturbingly) but tasted fine.  Breakfast tomorrow is supposed to be juice - I might have to pick it up in DC at some point and have it on hand for breakfast.  Not fruit juice, mind you, I'm thinking carrot juice is the closest I'll be able to get store bought to the recipes in the book.   I might also have some eggs since I'll be at a hotel and it would be a shame to eat nothing when I adore hotel breakfast so much.  

I meant to post something else yesterday.  My estitician told me this week about a website that counts your calories for you.  I thought it was a great idea.  The website name is:  Basically, you can go in there and type up what you ate in a day and it will tell you the calories.   I think it isn't something you could do forever, take too much time, but my thought is that practice will "train" you on how many calories things are after probably as short as 2 weeks of tracking.  Then you could just check from time to time when you are pondering a certain meal and not sure its calorie content. 

You are probably asking...  why detox?  This was another thing I meant to talk about and forgot in all the shuffle of holiday travel, cooking, and clean-up.  I think a lot of folks detox after something really serious happens to them that causes them to question their health.  Some people seem to have a higher threshhold for concern than others.  Cancer being the ultimate of detox driven scares...  and minor chronic issues being the more sensitive kind of detox scare.  I think we get into our heads that aging is just going to happen and some people will accept a pill and go on the way they've been.  I guess, with the yoga, I've been feeling that there are probably things I'm doing that are contributing to my chronic health issues.  And diet is an easy one to see and change compared to a lot of other factors that can be harder to change.  My dentist did point out to me the other day that there are a lot of factors that contribute to health as much as diet - the two she named as primary are stress and hormones.  I agree with that and thank her for the reality check.   I mean, will this diet change "fix" me?  I don't really know but probably not.  But if I can feel better and be more productive in my life then I want to do it.  I mean, the comfort foods are wonderful, but wouldn't it be great not to need or want them?  Anyhow, I'm off for today.  I guess I just wanted to put an entry in to keep my commitment and momentum rolling.

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