Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pre-detox Misery

Hi All,  So, I haven't started yet but today I'm trying not to eat sugar anyway.  It sucks.  I'm so hungry and grouchy.  Just finished arguing with my father about whether or not chlorine is a deadly carcinogen or a valuable antibacterial agent... my point is simply that it's both.  Sigh.  I'm still not even sure why he wanted to insist I use it.  For what?  It's in the pool I swim in and the water that comes to my home before I filter it out to drink it.  What more do I need it for?  I just don't get it... 

Anyhow, I had a big glass of strange green juice (Naked superfood Green Machine) this morning for breakfast and two candex tables - to kill candida yeast.  I had a delicious lunch of two bowls of greek yogurt (plain 2%, not vanilla, plain) with stevia in it and ground flax seed. It tasted good.  Also, I had a really yummy stir fry of baby spinach, garlic, mushroom, a little red onion, and butter with some organic tomatoes and goat cheese on top.  It was VERY tasty.  Now, however, I am grouchy and HUNGRY.  I will be cheating at dinner tonight (recall day one is really Jan 1st) by eating Turkey Manicotti, so don't worry, I'll get my carbo fix then.  But still, how will I make it without strangling my family for 7 days on no sugar?  I mean, I seriously don't know how.  And remember NO sugar. No fruit, no pasta, no flour... no crackers... no toast...  I do like the other food on the diet but boy does my body miss it's addiction.

I'm headed on a mini vacation to Washington DC today so if I don't post until Jan. 1 don't be shocked. Plans for further pre-detox - continue to take the candex and keep the sugar low, practice with the juicer to see how these wacky juices on the diet taste, and live it up on New Years Eve a bit! 

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